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Founded in 2013, Alltork Actuation is a leading Canadian distributor of high quality valve actuators and accessories.  Alltork Actuation is a subsidiary of VL Motion Systems Inc., and continues to be a trusted partner for their clients, creating value by understanding their needs and offering tailored solutions. We distribute from some of the best and most recognized world-class manufacturers of all types of valve actuators for water treatment, oil, gas and municipal operations. 


Our management team from VL Motion Systems offers strong leadership and invaluable experience, understanding our market, the environment, and special requirments within the many industries that utilize valves and vale actuation.  Alltork Actuation operates on the core values of integrity, customer satisfaction, fairness and trust.


Why Alltork

What differentiates us from our competitors are our scalable, customized valve actuation solutions worldwide. We aim to create value and make a difference while building strong, long-term relationships. We thrive on knowledge and ongoing product research whilst fostering new partnerships to help us provide our clients with the latest in valve actuation technology.


Alltork Actuation offers a solution-driven approach and strives to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. With Alltork Actuation, we wish to continue the success of VL Motion Systems by offering individualized solutions, superior client service, and predictable deliveries.


Alltork Actuation works with trusted manufacturers and recognized brands of valve actuators to deliver highest quality products throughout Canada. 

We aim to create value & make a difference while building strong, long term relationships


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